Mural Gallery of Children's Ministry Themes

Be inspired by our various types of themes and design styles for Children's Ministries.

Children's Ministry Theme Decor

Creative For Kids creates dynamic children's ministry theme environments across the United States. Pulaski was just completing renovations to their childrens area which included a large kids church area, hallway, and an area in the basement. They requested a "jungle" children's ministry theme that included Jesus In Jeans. We created a very large, Jungle mural in the kids church room that flowed into a jungle trail kids could walk thorugh in the hallway and up the stairs. 

If you would like a children's ministry theme installed in your area then give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss your dreams, desires, goals. Creative For kids will work with you to create a custom children's ministry theme that is right for your children's ministry, based on your budget. Call (815) 715-2396 to set up a consultation today.