Option 2: Partnership Design

If you are wanting to involve your team to cut some costs while partnering with us to create your custom Children's Ministry theme design, then Option 2 is for you!
Creative For Kids themes are different... We create INTEREST!

We are NOT just background painters, we create VISUAL INTEREST by incorporating focal points within our Children's Ministry themes. We believe a true theme grabs the attention of the viewer by having focal points of interest that relate to the viewer. Each story should create intrigue and interest within the viewer that captures the imagination.

Past record shows that Creative For Kids Children's Ministry themes become a topic of interest between your members and their neighbors, friends, and family. As a result, un-churched families come to your church to experience the story for themselves! This, along with quality family ministry, has been proven to increase the attendance of first time visitors and new families within your church.  

Creative For Kids has been designing amazing theme spaces for Children's Ministries since 2000. It is our goal to empower YOU with the knowledge YOU need the make the best decision for you and your church! So, we don't pressure sell, hyper sell or over sell. We simply want to assist you with a clear understanding of Children's Ministry themeing and accomplishing your dreams, desires and goals for your Children's Ministry. All the while, working within your budget!

There is no need to over complicate the partnering process, we've narrowed it down to 6 easy steps:

1). Consulting: We discuss your ideas, dreams and goals with you to better understand what you have in mind.
* In most cases it is unnecessary to come onsite to consult. We'd rather put the money spent on this towards your project. However, if requested, an onsite consultation can be arranged.

2). Wall Measurements: We email you a simple wall measurement guide to assist you or your maintenance team in gathering wall measurements, so that we can send you a quote.

3). Artistic Renderings: We sketch scenes, in scale to your wall measurements, based on combined ideas and the theme we've discussed with you.

4). Sketch Artwork: Once the design is approved, your part of the partnership begins. We provide you with a "to scale" sketch guide to enable you to easily sketch the artwork onto your walls.

5). Paint Base Coat Colors: We provide you with an easy "paint-by-number" painting guide so you can paint the base coats.

6). We Arrive and Apply the Finishing Touches: Lastly, we arrive at your project to clean-up your artwork, airbrush the details, install the characters, and clean up!

It's that easy!

Quality: It's all in the details!

At Creative For Kids, we are master muralists. We have years of experience painting high quality, children specific murals and designs. We know that where it matters most... is in the details. Most any theme can look good in a picture that is taken from far away. But most families will interact with your mural from within a hallway or classroom and be only a foot or two away. This is where the quality and attention to detail matters most! When you look closely at a Creative For Kids mural you will see the attention to small details and the quality craftsmanship, in our designs, crisp painted shapes, clean airbrush lines and smooth blends. We take pride in our skill and delivering a superior quality Children's Ministry theme design.

Children's Ministry Theme Design

Below is a small sampling of some of the types and styles of themes we can do for you. To view more, visit our GALLERY where you will find over 1000 images to get your creative Children's Ministry theme ideas flowing!

Peace UMC, Pickerington, OH
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