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 Let’s come up with a theme and start the process. “Under the Sea” is a popular theme that is great for both boys and girls. I start with a piece of paper and pencil ready to begin writing down ideas as they appear in my imagination. So as I’m typing I will do that right here.

Under The Sea Room Sketch

My first thoughts are do I want a mural design that shows the ocean floor or just the water? Let’s include the ocean floor complete with coral ideas and shapes. What else is on the ocean floor? Stuff like anchors, broken ships, treasure chests all come to mind immediately. For my coral I need coral shapes and styles. I can get some good ideas by doing a search online for “coral” images.

What kind of fish are on the bottom? Star fish, Goby’s, small fish that swim around coral. I want some rocks and maybe some rock formations. Shells would look great and especially many different varieties. Sea grass and seaweed add a nice touch and we definitely need to include them too.

Creative For Kids offers a great line of under the sea fish wall stickers. These would work well with our setting we have just created. Creative For Kids wall stickers are so easy to apply. These stickers are drawn by our professional illustrators so they are very realistic and fun too!

Okay , we have our ideas for the actual sea background and life. Now, how about some 3D props to bring it all together; do you remember those colored fish nets? Sea Turtle Wall StickerI had some as a kid; let’s use a couple of those.

A wood barrel or two and some rope would be found underwater and add a great affect. Let’s add some cool plastic or ceramic fish and if you can find an old beat up trunk, that would be great. Coral and shells can easily be found at gift shops or pet shops. If you really want to add a nice touch, consider some scuba gear, diving helmet or and an old looking ship wheel! Keep your eyes open for unique items to add from garage sales or flea markets.

In a matter of just a few minutes we have a great start from our brainstorming session. This should be a fun and exciting part of beginning any theme. Just relax, sit down with no distractions and let your imagination go!

Under The See Products 


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