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We understand the benefits and community created by having a team of excited, willing volunteers who together create a wonderful environment for your church and visiting families, using our mural kits and transparencies. Because of this, Creative For Kids stands resolved to continue to provide you with resources you need to do the job yourself.

Our hearts desire is to empower you with the tools you need to create an environment for your kids and the families within your community. Since 2000 we’ve been creating do-it-yourself products that give you the power to create compelling environments for your kids through easy, paint-by-number, color coded artwork on transparencies, called Mural Kits. Having NEVER painted a mural scene before, I purchased a kid’s cartooning book in 1995 called “Blitz on Cartooning” by author Bruce Blitz and began my adventure. Based on my own experience I began designing Mural kits, to give others the tools to do the same.

I am proud of Creative For Kids products and proud of those who purchase our mural kits and paint a classroom, a hallway, or a children’s ministry using the artwork on transparencies. We know it takes courage because you, like me, have no prior experience painting murals. Regardless, you want to do something creative, within the children’s ministry, as an outreach to the families within your community.

One of the definitions of courage I feel best describes those who purchase one of our Mural Kits.

“the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, without fear; bravery. have the courage of one's convictions, to act in accordance with one's beliefs, esp. in spite of criticism.”

imagecertifiedcfk01Creative for kids would like to recognize all those courageous “do-it-yourself” clients who purchase do-it-yourself products or choose to partner with us to decorate a creative environment. You are creative for kids through what you are doing and we want to commend you for taking the extra time, spending the extra finances, and gathering a special team, to bless your kids! So, we are launching a new program called: “Certified, Creative For Kids”. Details will be posted soon so be on the lookout!

Finally, know that we are here for you, we have been here for you and will continue to support you in your adventure to be … creative for kids!

Here are just a small fraction of the comments that we have received;

"I spoke with one of your staff members today and tried to share my excitement and delight at finding your website. I am a children's pastor... in Hawthorne. CA, and for the last year I have had a dream of making our kids ministry "J-Town" Children's Ministry. I have been searching high and low for resources for decorating and painting in a toon town theme, for a logo design, and just for a basic concept to be able to go off of. I had it all in my head , all this time, and then today I found your website, and there it was! But it was better than I had even imagined it. Needless to say , I have spent the rest of the afternoon dreaming and looking at all the pictures that you have posted on your website. I am THRILLED to have purchased two kits from you today and cannot wait for them to come in the mail. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a children's pastor's dream COME TRUE!!! I cannot wait to show my team the photos and the kit."
-In Jesus, Amy B

"I can't remember my order number, but I ordered the complete "Under The Sea" kit. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my son's room and my son absolutely loves his ocean room. I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed doing this! I plan to order the jungle set for my other son and one of the towns for our playroom. I have spread the word about your company and I am sure some of my friends will be ordering from you!"
-Thanks, Stephanie O

"I have bought several of your kits in the past and just love them! They are so awesome! I always recommend them to everyone."
-Darlene H

"I just finished my murals last night and I am sooooo pleased with the outcome! Thank you SO MUCH for such great products!"
-Hedda M

"We received our order today and just wanted to let you know how pleased we've been with your products. Over the last couple of years we've used the Jungle Room Kit, The Children with Jesus mural Kit, the KidsTown Kit, the Under the Sea kit, The Princess Castle Kit and some other pieces here and there. We've been soooooo pleased with the ease of use and quality instructions and artwork. We've used the kits both in our church and our home. We always get rave reviews from friends and visitors and never fail to mention Creative For Kids. Thank you for putting out a quality product and a fair price that always exceeds expectations."
-Sincerely, Brandi W

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