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Make wiser decisions when decorating your Children's Ministry.

First, you could design from either an outside perspective or an inside perspective. Today, we will work from an inside perspective. To start, let's go looking! Look on the internet, magazines, books, play places, theme restaurants, anywhere you can see things that will inspire you and give you ideas for your clubhouse. These are the things that I do when I am designing a theme. Look for new, unique things to consider in your clubhouse/treehouse.


clubhouse muralNow, let's talk about the inside of the clubhouse/treehouse. Picture in your mind's eye the kind of clubhouse/treehouse you want. Is it a clubhouse or a treehouse? If it's a treehouse will it have a roof, part of a roof, or a walk out area like a deck? How many windows do you want? Is the door on the wall or the floor? What are the walls made of? Wood, metal, a combination of things? Are you going to paint some or all of it? If so, what color? Are you going to leave it looking like wood? These are all things to consider before you add the various decor elements that we came up with. This is the "foundation" that everything will hang on.


Now, I have designed a couple clubhouse/treehouse themes before so I will start there but include some new ideas as well. First, here is a list of things I came up with to consider inside:

  • Flags of different countries
  • Painting or drawing supplies with an easel
  • Telescope
  • Shelves with stuff on them like a radio
  • Fish tank or lizard cage
  • Chest full of stuff
  • All kinds of music stuff like guitars, drums, trumpet, etc.
  • Books and magazines
  • Windows and door of course
  • All kinds of sports items like a basketball, football, baseball stuff, skate boards, frisbee's, etc.
  • Posters
  • Flashlights
  • Backpacks
  • Street signs

That's a good start. As always keep the age of your kids in mind as well as their interests. Some communities are big into sports were others might be into extreme sports. Decorate accordingly.


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The more creative and unique you can be, the better. Remember, you can have too much stuff. When that happens it looks like a jumbled mess and that takes away from the overall look and feel you are striving to get. You want people to walk in and know right off the bat what the theme is without asking. If they have to ask you have gone wrong somewhere.



clubhouse mural

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