Creative Articles for Children's Ministry Decorating

Make wiser decisions when decorating your Children's Ministry.
First, realize that the life of your design is approximately 8 – 10 years. If designed with this in mind you will be able to appropriately consider the scope of your design project like;
  • How much should you invest? This is the main consideration that needs to be determined. Once this is determined you will have a good idea what type of options you can include.
  • What do I want to include within my project? Muraling, Foam Sculpting, 3D props, animatronics, wallpaper, banners, characters, etc.
  • How durable is the final product? The quality of the materials that are used to create your project will have a large impact on the look and feel of your project over the lifespan of your theme.
  • Is the theme relevant to the vision and community your church wants to impact.
Secondly, think through your project and really determine what will be an effective use of your resources. Just because you can afford to include something does not mean you should do include it. Your theme needs to accomplish a goal you are trying to reach. It has always been my belief that children’s ministry theme designs are meant to reach unsaved families and draw them into your church. If that is your goal then consider what will accomplish that goal. For example, will adding that 3D rotating world above your check in desk help you accomplish your goal? Or will something else be just as effective or maybe even more effective? For some, this may be a needed design element, for others an updated check in system would be more relevant and more effective. Just think it through.
Creating an amazing design is in part what will draw families into your children’s ministry. Having the knowledge that your design, as some point, will come to an end and you will need to consider a change will be a great asset to you as you plan and design your theme, today. Knowing that you have many options to consider and that Creative For Kids vision is to assist you in making the most and relevant decisions possible as you consider all those options will make creating that amazing theme design exciting, fun, and stress free. So, jump in, have fun and watch young families as they amaze over your theme project.
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